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What You Can Expect

1. We Listen

The first step in our office is to listen to you. Each consultation starts with a detailed patient interview. However trivial you think a particular point is about your problem, feel free to bring it up during your appointment.

in your own words, tell the doctor about your problem. The doctor will ask you a few leading questions to better understand your symptoms.

It is always best to fill out any requested paperwork before your appointment and bring it with you so you can have as much time with the doctor as you need. After the interview, the doctor will examine you.

3. Diagnosis

You and the doctor are ready to manage your problem.

The doctor will discuss with you the results as soon as they come in. You will both discuss in detail why he concluded your diagnosis. He will tell you what can be done. If you need to be treated with just medication, he can prescribe what you need. If you need surgery he will make arrangements for you to see a surgeon of your choice as soon as possible. The office will arrange for the referral after coordinating with your primary care doctor.

2. Examination / Analysis

Here, the doctor will discuss with you what the problem could be and what tests need to be done in order to confirm or rule out diagnoses.

At this stage, you should address any doubts you have with the doctor and openly discuss the benefits and risks of the tests. You will be scheduled for tests and may be asked to return to the office for another appointment.

4. Treatment

Whether your care requires prescription medication or a procedure, your doctor will discuss the benefits and any side effects. You will most likely be asked to make a follow-up appointment after treatment to be sure your are feeling better or need continued care.

5. Prevention & Education

It is very important to understand the cause of your problem so that it can be prevented. For this end you have to work with the doctor and follow his instructions completely. For example, if you need to treat an ulcer caused by aspirin or another pain medication, he will ask you to stop taking it. You should ask your doctor about any alternative treatment you can take to treat your pain.
Our website offers you an education section. You should read and learn about your problem. If you have any questions, ask your doctor or nurse.


All through this process the MOST important word to remember is Communication. Communication goes both ways. Any concern you have should be freely expressed and discussed. This will help you as well as help your doctor better treat you.

We are a very caring office and are commited to your well being. We do our very best every day to help our patients manage their health care needs.